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Agreement Drafting
Draft your Agreement

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Agreement constitues the essential element of any business ventures  determining the rights, duties , reponsibility and obligation of the parties to the agreement and binds them together, towards achievement of common business objectives. The Indian Contract Act 1872 constitues the basis of all the contractural agreements   


        Drafting And  Vetting  of  Agreements                               

  1. General Business Agreements                                     
  2. Land Colloberation Agreements  for Construction and Developement   
  3. Contractual Agreements                         
  4. Franchisee Agreements                         
  5. Memorandum of Understanding                
  6. Licensing Agreement for use of copyright and trademarks 
  7. Assignment deed for transfer of Trademarks 
  8. Partnership deed                                               
  9. Policy documents for E-Commerce Web-Site  

        Drafting And Registration  Property Related Documents                            

  1. Sale Deed
  2. Lease Deed
  3. Mortgage Deed 
  4. Transfer Deed  
  5. Will 
  6. Gift Deed 
  7. Exchange Deed