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Cyber Law
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To control the  misusing of technology  and to regulate the criminal activities in the cyberworld INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGY ACT 2000 was enacted by Parliament of India to protect the field of e-commerce, e-governance, e-banking and provides for strit panelty for cyber crimes committed through a computer system or computer network.

Scope and applicability

  1. Unauthorized access
  2. Damage to computer data or programs
  3. Computer sabotage
  4. Unauthorized interception of communications
  5. Computer espionage
  6. Penalties

The following penalties have been provided by the IT Act for various Cyber crimes

Section 43: Penalty of damage of computer, computer system, etc.-

Section 65:. Tampering with computer source documents                 

Section 66: Hacking with computer system

Section 67: Publishing of information which is obscene in electronic form

Section 72. Penalty for breach of confidentiality and privacy

Section 73. Penalty for publishing Digital Signature Certificate false in certain particulars.