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Trade License
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Trade license required for conducting any of the following activites covered under  Section 330,331, 335 and 336 of MCG Act 

       Under Section  330 , 331 of MCG Act Trade license is  applied for 

  • Any purpose which is, in the opinion of the Commissioner; dangerous of life; in health or property or likely to create a nuisance;
  • Keeping houses, cattle or other quadruped animals or birds for transportation, sale or hire or for sale of the produce: or
  • Storing any of the articles specified in Part-II of the Second Schedule except for domestic use of those articles:
  • Licence for hawkers


     Under Section   335 and 336 of MCG Act Trade license is  applied for


  • Eating house, lodging house, hotel, boarding house, tea shop, coffee house, café, restaurant, refreshment room or any place where the public are admitted for repose or for the consumption of any food or drink or any place where food is sold or prepared for sale.
  • Slaughtering any animal or selling or exposing for sale the flesh of any such animal in any place