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Real Estate
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                 OUR SERVICES

  1. Complaint under Real Estate Regulation Act
  2. For Delay in construction/ possession
  3. For Recovery of Penal Interest and Damages
  4. Title Search Report    
  5. Drafting and Vetting of Sale Deeds and other property transfer documents  
  6. Registration of sale deed, Will , Lease Deed.
  7. Consumer cases 
  8. Complaint to Director Town And Country Planning aginst Builders 
  9. Complaint to Allotee Grievence Redressal Forum aginst Builders 
  10. Opinion on  Change of land Use [CLU]
  11. Opinion on Development Laws in Haryana  
  12. Opinion on Land Use policies in Haryana for usage of land for the

      13.Forums Available  for Dispute Redressal  

      1. CM Window
      2. Consumer Courts 
      3. DTCP Office 
      4. Allotee Grievence Redressal Forum 
      5. Permanant Lok Adalat
      6. State Commission
      7. National Commission
      8. High Courts
      9. Arbitration
      10. Competition Commission of India