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The Firm has vast experience of managing the trademark portfolio of its reputed clients by  registration & protection thus have earned extensive accreditation from our clients. Besides registration it is desirable to protect the trademark by keeping constant watch over the similar or identical trademarks of rival competitors & taking preventive action by filing objections or cancellation request of the said similar trademarks and or taking action for infringement/passing off & recovery of damages        

Trademark Services

  1. Trademark Availability Search
  2. Trademark Registration    
  3. International Trademark Registration 
  4. Reply to Objections
  5. Trademark Hearing & Drafting of Prior User Evidence  
  6. Renewal of Trademark

    Trademarks Protection  

  1. Intellectual Property Petitions 
  2. Opposition Petitions
  3. Rectification (cancellation) of Registered Trademark
  4. Trademark Audit
  5. Legal Notice for Infringement of Trademark
  6. Trademark Litigation
  7. Search and Seizure of Infringing Trademark Goods
  8. Declaration of Well-Known Trademark


We charge very reasonable fees for our services and registration fees is usually fixed  an doffer dispcunt on bulk filing  


Trademark includes a word, logo, slogans, signature, device, letter, numeral, brand, heading, label, name written in a particular style, shape of goods or any combination of words, colours, Sound, three-dimensional image, domain name of website. All these can be applied as trademark, provided they are unique, distinct, original but not generic to the trade or identical/similar to any previous trademark. 


The registration of Trade Mark is done on the basis of international classification of goods and ser