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LLF team assists in securing necessary Trade license and Food license required for  conducting any  business activity detailed herein below under MCG Act 

Running Factory/workshop in any premises, or materially alter, enlarge or extend , any factory, workshop or trade premises, in which it is intended to employ steam, electricity, water or other mechanical power or any of the purposes specified in PART – I of the Second Schedule of MCG Act ;

or for any purpose which is, in the opinion of the Commissioner; dangerous to life, health or property or likely or create a nuisance; or for Keeping horses, cattle or other quadruped animals or birds for transportation, sale or hire or for sale of the produce thereof; or 

Storing any of the articles specified in Part – II of the Second Schedule of MCG Act  

Besides license is also required for  Eating Houses which includes , lodging house, hotel, boarding house, tea shop, coffee house, cafe, restaurant, refreshing room or any place where the public are admitted for repose or for the consumption of any food or drink or any place where food is sold or prepared for sale.

Licensing is also  required for theater, circuses and places of public amusement.

Thus the license are classified in four typse as per usage  

 330 Factory license

 331. Premises not to be used for certain purposes without license.

334. Licenses for hawking articles etc.

335. Eating houses etc


Registered Lease Deed/Agreement in case the premises is on lease/rent. (Attested by Executive Magistrate/Notary/Any Authority or self attested.) 3 Sale deed/Allotment Letter/Re Allotment Letter (Attested by Executive Magistrate/Notary/Any Authority or self attested.) 4 Occupation certificate for premises as commercial building/ hotel/Guest House or in case of old city area the proof of sanction Building plan or proof of change in commercial inspite of Occupation Certificate. 5 NOC from Fire Dept. ( No. date valid upto) 6 Health License from Health Department. (No. date valid upto) 7 Star Category of Hotel. 8 All facility provided by the firm. 9 Receipt of House Tax upto till date

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