Trademark Transfer

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A registered or unregistered trademark can be sold or  transfered by any of the following rocesses  LLF Provides service for trademark/brand selling /Transfer through assignment of registered or unregistered trademarks to the potentional buyers.

Assignment Deed  

A registered or unregistered trademark can be sold and or purchased with goodwill through execution of Transfer deed /Assignment Deed against consideration. Subsequent thereto the transferee because the owner of the trade mark   

Licensing Agreement

Use and adoption of trademark can be transferred by the owner for limited period by execution of  licensing agreement  against reserved license fees

Registered Permitted User

Limited joint ownership rights of usage can also be created as alternative to above through filing of application in the trademark authority as Registered permitted user.

Our Services

LLF enables trademark transfer through execution of transfer deed or drafting of licensing agreement or processing application for registered permitted user. The process of transfer is put to effect from the date of exexcution of above dcouments