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Trademarks FAQ 

  1. What is registered as Trademark?

Any trade name, picture, logo, scheme of colours, sound, shape, image , label  can be registered as trademark    

  1. What is process of Trademark Registration?  

Registration Process passes through four stages

      1. Prior Search
      2. Filing of Trademark Application
      3. Reply to Objections raised by Trademark Examiner
      4. Acceptance & Registration    
  1. How much time is involved in Registration

Trademark registration takes 6 to 8 months

  1. What Documents are Required for registration  
  1. Trademark name /logo
  2. Type of goods& Services
  3. Name & Address of the Applicant
  4. User Proof in case of priority usage
  1. What is the validity period of Registration?  

 Registration is valid for a period of 10 years & can be renewed thereafter for same period    

  1. What is applicability Area of Registration?

The registration granted is applicable throughout the country

  1. How much is fees payable for registration?

For each application fee of INR 4500 for individual & INR 9000 for company/society/trust is payable

  1. How Trademark to be used after registration?  

Trademark to be used in the same design and patterns as applied and letter R in circle to be used after registration else use TM  

  1. Can Multiple Application for registration be filed?

Yes, an applicant can file Multiple application depending upon nature of goods and services manufactured or traded, but for each application separate fees is payable.