Real Estate and RERA Complaints

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LLF has specialized team of lawyers and RERA Consultants equipped to advise on Real Estate Laws  to provide  legal remedy for all real estate disputes between builder and buyer relating to possession, non completion , refund and interest  , including opinion on Development laws and asserting the rights of the property holder in case of breach covenants during real estate transactions.

Real Estate Regulation Act( RERA  Services)

  1. Drafting and Filing of RERA complaints in Gurugram, Delhi, Dehradun, Noida  and Jaipur
  2. Execution of RERA Orders
  3. Contesting of RERA Appeals
  4. RERA Registration of the projects 

Real Estate Related Services

  1. Property Document drafting and registration
  2. Title search 
  3. Zonal Due Deligence
  4. Legal Due Diligence of Argicultural/Non Agricultural/residential/commercial properties
  5. Enforcement of Mortgage and Redemption of Mortgage
  6. Civil litigation for Possession and Enforcement of Collaboration Agreement
  7. Partition cases of Agricultural and Non Agricultrual Land
  8. Consumer cases for Possession, Refund and Compensation due to delay or non-completion of residential public/commercial real-estate projects