1. Trademark Search
  2. Trademark Registration India
  3. USA Trademark
  4. International Trademark Registration
  5. Reply to TM Objections
  6. Trademark Hearing
  7. Trademark Renewal 
  8. Trademark Assignment 
  9. Trademark Opposition 
  10. Trademark  Rectification
  11. Trademark Audit
  12. Trademark Portfolio Management
  13. Well Known Trademark
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2. Trademark Registration & Protection

The Firm has more than 28 years of experience in the Registration & Protection of trademarks, Managing Trademark Portfolio and Conducting Trademark Audit to ensure protection from infringement and passing off.

The trademark includes- Name, Word, Logo, Punchline, Shape, Label, Sound, Smell, Color Compositions, Images 

a) Individual, MSME Startup, File trademark for just INR 4500(Govt Fees)* plus legal fees 

b) Partnership, Company files trademark for just INR 9000(Government fees)* plus legal fees 

Note *50% discount of government fees for startup & MSME 

Fee Schedule for Trademark Registration

3. Registration of trademark in Indian Customs IPR Portal To prevent illegal import 

Recordation with Customs: After obtaining trademark registration, recordation is advisable to the Indian Customs office to combat the import of counterfeiting products and protect your brand in the Indian market. Just simple formality are required. 

Trademark Registration in Indian Customs IPR Recordation Portal

4. Well-known Trademarks

Well-known trademarks are distinctive symbols, names, or other identifiers that have gained significant recognition and reputation among the public. These marks are often associated with high levels of quality, popularity, and consumer trust. The recognition of a trademark as "well-known" can provide certain legal benefits and protections, including broader geographical scope and stronger enforcement against unauthorized use Some Well-known trademarks are Coca-Cola, Apple, Google Etc

Get your trademark registered as a well-known trademark on payment Gov Fee of INR 1 Lac

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Trademark Registration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Any trade name, picture, logo, scheme of colours, sound, shape, image , label can be registered as trademark.

Registration Process passes through four stages

  1. Prior Search
  2. Filing of Trademark Application
  3. Reply to Objections raised by Trademark Examiner
  4. Acceptance Registration

Trademark registration takes 6 to 8 months

  1. Trademark name /logo
  2. Type of goods Services
  3. Name Address of the Applicant
  4. User Proof in case of priority usage

Registration is valid for a period of 10 years & can be renewed thereafter for same period

The registration granted is applicable throughout the country

For each application fee of INR 4500 for individual & INR 9000 for company/society/trust is payable

Symbol ™ can be used after the trademark name is applied for registration and ® is used after registration.

Yes, an applicant can file Multiple application depending upon nature of goods and services manufactured or traded, but for each application separate fees is payable.

Yes, this is necessary for listing of products , this is to identify your goods from other competitors and avoid trademark disputes.

  The startup are entitled to seek fee concession of 50 % on the govt Fee amounting to INR 4500  

The MSME are entitled to seek fee concession of 50 % on the govt Fee amounting to INR 4500